A three layers digital and physical workplace model [march 2019]

Three generations of digital collaborative platforms can be identified :
  1. intranet, 
  2. enterprise social network,
  3. learning management system (LMS) and corporate open online course (COOC) platform.
The fourth generation should be both digital and physical.

How so ?

The underneath model was imagined to bring a contribution to the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF) that took place in Paris on March 30-31, 2019 [1].
The model features three layers  :
  1. the methodology layer, of which components enable the four types of management : semantic management, procedural management, visual management and emotional management [2] ;
  2. the infrastructure layer, that builds the digital and physical workspace ;
  3. the people layer, which contains the knowledge bases and the [directory of] communities of experts.

The Agile games [3a][3b] and packs of soft skills [4] deliver collaborative experiences and are suitable to be used either under their genuine physical form or under a digital form.

However, to generate positive emotions among the members of a team and happiness at work [5], the physical form is still, and probably for a while, the best vehicule at reasonable costs.

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Nomination 2014 et Trophée 2015

La pédagogie "Short MOOCs en Réseau" a été retenue par la plateforme d'innovation ouverte de l'association Pacte PME recherchant pour le compte d'une entreprise membre un outil innovant de transformation numérique des ressources humaines.

L'innovation frugale du "Personal MOOC" a été élue Trophée IT Innovation Forum, catégorie Enterprise Mobility / Collaboratif, par les membres du CRIP (une association de responsables d'infrastructure et de production informatique) présents au forum le 27 janvier dernier.

Trophée IT Innovation Forum pour le Personal MOOC