DISC acronym : various interpretations [nov 2020]

DISC is a family of patterns of four terms respectively beginning by D, I, S, and C.

The DISC patterns can help personal coaching, but not only.

The original DISC pattern was published in 1928 in William Moulton Marston's book Emotions of Normal People [1a].
Since then, the original pattern has been diversely interpretated [1c].

Below is a sample of three interpretations, along with Marston's original pattern.


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For "Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance", who is the author (owner) : 

For "Directive, Interactive, Supportive, Corrective", who is the author / owner : 

For "Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness", who is the author / owner : 

For "Delegate, Influence, Support, Command", who is the author / owner : 

 The wording pattern is associated to a coloring pattern [8a][8b]

Note :

The technology use for the gamification of the post is an HTML5 piece of code released in 2014 under open source by Tru Do-Khac (author of this professional blog). 

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