Artificial intelligence creativity : ChatGPT's sonnet on soft skills



Hello ChatGPT, thank you for your sonnet "the status of ChatGPT".  Please write a sonnet about soft skills. 


Soft skills, oh gentle art,
That leads the way to better hearts,
A trait that sets us all apart,
A skill that guides and never departs.

For in the face of fear and doubt,
Soft skills can help us rise above,
And navigate life's twists and turns,
With grace, compassion, and love.

In every moment, big or small,
Soft skills can make us stand tall,
A guiding light that shines within,
A beacon for the world to see.

So let us nurture, grow, and hone,
These skills that make us truly our own,
And with them, we will thrive and flourish,
In all that we do, and all that we wish.


Question by Tru Do-Khac, response by ChatGPT, 15/12/2022 [1]

[1] https://chat.openai.com 

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