Agile IT management framework [fev 2020]

Following the European Union Directive for Copyright, more and more signals are coming out to place copyright management on the CEO agenda at the same level as data privacy management [1] :
  • content marketing has become a key leverage for branding
  • more and more jobs are creating and using copyright assets
  • overlooked copyright faults by a supplier may question his security and loyalty
  • copyright security is being looked as a clue of enterprise and professional ethic 
  • overlooked copyright faults by an employer may deter the best digital talents, who have been trained on copyright use [2a] and are eager to work within an ethic environment, to join and stay [2b]
  • in a few enterprises, organisation has already been impacted [3a][3b].

The following study case is a cell of the enterprise adventure game "Copyright value added - the Game Version 2" [4].
The study case complies to the format of an "Entreprise Adventure Game cell"[5].

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A framework to bring agility 
to large companies IT departments

We are in 2015, in France.
Digital startups have demonstrated that they are able to deliver successful software at an unusual rapid pace. CIOs of large companies are compelled by CEOs to find a way to transform their IT departements to meet the startup challenge.
You are planning to create a business of which mission is to deliver an IT management framework that should help large companies CIOs to meet the CEOs expectations.

1986, USA : release of The New Product Development Game, Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonak, HBR (Harvard Business Review)[1] which represents the word "scrum"
1998, USA : release of Scrum: An extension pattern language for hyperproductive software development by Mike Beedle, Martine Devos, Yonat Sharon, Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, which features the role of Scrum Master
2001, USA : publication of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development by 17 seasoned programmers, including  Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland [2]
2011, USA :  release of the genuine Scrum method guide The Scrum Guide, by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland [3]. The guide features the role of Scrum Master, the planning period of Sprint and the project event of Daily Scrum.
avr. 2018, France : publication of a report on agile instruments for IT management by Do-Khac Decision, a creative SME which markets agile games [4]
dec. 2018, France : publication of a report on agile IT management by Cigref, an association which represents the largest French corporations and public administrations through their respective CIOs [5].

Genuine sources 
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Study case questions:
  1. In 2014, the consultant Gartner issued a model which recognizes the gap between large companies IT management and  digital startups management  ; what is its name ? 
  2. What is the word used to qualify a large company that has the capability to swiftly react to market changes ?
  3. What sport is evoked with the word "scrum", which is the name of a generic method which values individual software developpers interactions over software development management processes ?
  4. According to the genuine Scrum method guide, is the Scrum method applicable to large teams of software developpers ?
  5. We are in 2015. Name two legacy IT management frameworks, one edited in USA, the other edited in UK.
  6. Formulate a tagline to vision the challenge facing the CIOs of large companies ?
  7. Now you start designing a framework that should meet large companies CIOs expectations : 
  • identify the conceptual elements to retain from the Scrum method to integrate into your framework, 
  • identify the conceptual elements to retain from legacy software development frameworks to integrate into your framework
  • define a go-to-market strategy for the framework
  • choose a copyright regime (public domain, copyright, Creative Commons,...) for the framework.

Suggested design management tools to explore the problematics
  • Business Model Pavement for Digital (BMPD), Do-Khac Decision [a] 
  • the HORIT design pattern [b].
  • the Creative Digital Enterprise value chain model [c]

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[c] Conférence : "Open Innovation en entreprise digitale créative", Do-Khac Decision, jeudi 2 mai 2013.

Update sept  2021 

An enterprise adventure game is a tremendous opportunity to develop the players' soft skills. As a matter of fact, an enterprise adventure game develops both hard skills and soft skills.

In addition to the materials provided above, the heutagogic format of an enterprise adventure game defines 

  • the use of Agile games [A] 
  • the use of soft skills accelerators such as the game SoftSkills48, a set of genuine playing cards which can be used on the job [B]
  • a coaching team (the game master, academic professors, personal coaches, seasoned professionals)
  • physical and digital workspace infrastructure facilities

For a full experience, you are invited to contact Do-Khac Decision.

[A]  Instruments for Agile IT - frameworks, methods, design canvas, agile games and trends, Do-Khac Decision, avril 2018

[B] SoftSkills48, un outil de conception gamifiée de référentiel RH, Do-khac Decisio, juin 2021

Nomination 2014 et Trophée 2015

La pédagogie "Short MOOCs en Réseau" a été retenue par la plateforme d'innovation ouverte de l'association Pacte PME recherchant pour le compte d'une entreprise membre un outil innovant de transformation numérique des ressources humaines.

L'innovation frugale du "Personal MOOC" a été élue Trophée IT Innovation Forum, catégorie Enterprise Mobility / Collaboratif, par les membres du CRIP (une association de responsables d'infrastructure et de production informatique) présents au forum le 27 janvier dernier.

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